[VIDEO] League of Women Voters Candidate Forum. Moody & Mulligan Only

My competitor was sick and unable to attend the general election edition of the League of Women Voters' live, call-in show in August. I was really disappointed that we missed an opportunity to talk about OPPD and our respective qualifications. 

In lieu of that, my team and I went back to the show aired in the primary and edited out the other four candidates. Just looking to make it easy on all of you!

The links below only include responses from me and my competitor. If you're interested in seeing responses from all the primary candidates (in some cases we refer to responses from them), click here

Here are your bite-sized excerpts from the April 4 Forum with just me and my competitor. Enjoy!

Opening Statements

Rate Restructuring

Experience in the Energy Industry

Climate Change

Long-term Vision for Power (Fossil Fuels & Clean Power Plan)

Net Metering

Other Options for Revenue

Privatization of Public Power

Nuclear Power

Burying Powerlines

Closing Statements