[Video] League of Women Voters 'Go Vote, Omaha!' OPPD Candidate Forum

The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha does exceptional work to educate voters. Their Voters' Guide has been mentioned by many voters as an important source for information. The League also boasts a locally produced television program called Go Vote Omaha!

It's a live, call-in show wherein candidates are offered an opportunity to make an opening statement and then take turns responding to questions. My competitors and I convened on April 4 to discuss clean energy, public power, climate change, and electricity rates. 

My quick take on how things went: I feel confident that I demonstrated why I’m the strongest candidate in the race. My understanding of and experience in the energy industry is far deeper than any other candidate, and I had a chance to clearly articulate my priorities (clean and affordable energy, transparency, future thinking).

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show, please do. With so many candidates in the race, the show provides a great look at each person running for this seat so you can make an educated decision on May 10th. 

[And if you're rather not settle in for the full 60-minute show, we've spliced up the video so that you can zero in on a particular topic or question. See below.]