We Did It!

The results are in, and because of your time, energy, dedication, and hard work, we did it!

Thanks to everyone that helped with the campaign. It truly was a #PeoplePowered effort, and I am humbled and grateful for your support.

We now set our sights to the general election in November. I remain confident that we are well positioned for success, but know that it will take a tremendous amount of resources, hard work, and determination. We’ll take the next few weeks to rest and will soon map out our strategy for the general election.

Emily and I are off to sunny California for some much needed R&R. Thanks again to everyone that cast their votes for me. I’m extremely grateful for the support!

Onward and upward


P.S. If you were generous enough to host a yard sign, please store that baby until Labor Day weekend! If you don’t have room, feel free to drop it by our house any time and we’ll get it back to you in September. Or if you’d prefer we come pick it up, shoot me an email at cm@craigmoody.org and we’ll make arrangements to do so.