We're Hiring a Campaign Assistant

Things are starting to move pretty quick around here these days, and it's only going to speed up in the coming days and weeks. I'll need a good person to help me keep all the balls in the air so we'll be hiring a campaign assistant again. 

We're estimating 10-ish hours per week at $10/hour. There will also be warm hugs and stickers from our little girls (5 and 1), an occasional slice of pizza, and endless bowls of popcorn. Top notch, I know.

Here's a quick take on the job description:

  • Printing and organizing walk lists
  • Tracking yard signs and informing yard sign captains of distribution needs
  • Updating a squarespace website
  • Managing social media platforms
  • Organizing fundraisers, meet ā€˜nā€™ greets, and other events
  • Ordering materials (signs, mailers, etc.)
  • Preparing mailers
  • Picking up materials, food, beverage, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned

Please shoot me a note at cm@craigmoody.org if you're interested.