October Board Meeting Agenda

It's the eve of our day-long committee meeting, so I'll get right to the point. Here's a link to the committee meeting package of materials. The agenda is the first page, so if you're interested in seeing all the full monty of what we'll be discussing, please take a look. 

I'm anxious for our discussions on Strategic Directives #2 (rates) and #5 (customer satisfaction). In both cases, we'll be refining them, which is an outgrowth of our July workshop discussions. I expect that we'll vote on them both Thursday.

We'll also be reviewing Strategic Directives #10 (ethics) for potential refinements and #12 (information management & security) for compliance. Related to the latter, we'll hear a cyber security update in close session. 

Also in close session, we'll have a discussion about executive and corporate succession planning, which is a very important topic. 

As always, email or call with questions or comments.