March 16 Board Meeting: Agenda

Here's a quick update on what we're expecting (agendas are not final) to cover at the March 16 committee and board meetings. This is not an all-inclusive list. Once all materials are final, they'll be posted here.  

Finance, Insurance and Audit
We will hear and discuss 2016 annual reports for the retirement plan, 401(k) and 457 retirement savings plan, and other post-employment benefits trust. As board members, our fiduciary responsibility is extremely important, so I'll be anxious to see these reports. We'll take action the Strategic Directive (SD) 14 monitoring report. And we'll take action on appointing/approving a retirement plan investment manager. Finally, we'll receive an Enterprise Risk Management quarterly update.

Public Information
We will receive an update on state and federal legislation, and we will get our annual OPPD Collection & Energy Assistance Update. I'm very interested in the latter.

Systems Management
The sexiest agenda items always come from Systems Management...we'll get a heads up on contracts over $500,000 and will be asked to take action to award the 2017 power circuit breakers contract. 

We'll hear a compensation and benefits review presentation from VP of Human Capital Mart Sedky. In committee closed session, we will get an update on union negotiations, and we will have a discussion about compensation adjustments for six Corporate Officers. 

Nuclear Oversight
On the nuclear side, we'll receive our monthly update on decommissioning progress. 

Committee meeting is from 10 - 2pm on 10/16 (we'll be in closed session over lunch). Board meeting starts at 4pm.