April 13 Board Meeting: Agenda

Update as of 4/12/17: Please note, the final committee meeting and board meeting agendas are now final and have changed slightly. You can find them at the links below:

Committee meeting agenda

Committee meeting package (all the good stuff)

Board meeting agenda (looks pretty light)


Here's a quick update on what we're expecting (agendas are not final) to cover at the April 13 committee and board meetings. This is not an all-inclusive list, and it may change between now and Thursday. Once all materials are final, they'll be posted here.  

Finance, Insurance and Audit
We'll get our regular monthly financial report in committee meeting, discuss Board Linkage policy–3: Board-Internal Auditor Relationship and Governance Process policy–13: External Auditor Relationship, and in closed session will see the results of the Generation Portfolio Competitive Annual Assessment. 

Public Information
We will receive an update on state and federal legislation, and we will hear a monitoring report on SD-11: Economic Development and will be asked to vote on whether or not the district is sufficiently compliant. Note: timing of this review was set months in advance. In other words, it wasn't intentionally scheduled to align with last week's exciting Facebook announcement.

Systems Management
I joked last month about how the sexiest stuff is in the Systems Management committee, but this month that's actually true. In addition to the basic stuff (contracts over $500,000 and awarding a contract for Sarpy County Units 4 & 5 Control System Upgrade), we'll hear two updates in closed session. The first is on condemnation proceedings on the Midwest Transmission Project and the Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project. Also in closed session will be an EPA update. Finally, we'll be asked to vote on changes to Board-Staff Linkage policy 12: Delegation to the President and Chief Executive Officer – Transmission, wholesale Electricity, fuel and Other Energy Transactions.    

With respect to the update on condemnation proceedings, we heard some really compelling testimony at our March board meeting regarding this issue. I'm anxious to learn more about what happened, what's next, and how we're addressing any issues that have arisen. To see and hear that March testimony, fast forward to 1:25:15 in the video of the meeting. Actually, before you get there, take a pit stop at 1:18:25 - I think you'll find it worth your while. 

In committee closed session, we'll get an update on how negotiations with the unions are progressing, and we will hear the background on corporate officer compensation adjustments. We'll be asked to approve the latter at the board meeting. We will receive monitoring reports on Governance Process policies 1 through 14 and Board-Staff Linkage policies 1 through 6, and we will be asked to vote on whether we're sufficiently in compliance. Six of eight board members completed a survey recently wherein we were asked on a policy-by-policy basis if the board is in compliance and if revisions should be made. Should be an interesting discussion.    

Nuclear Oversight
On the nuclear side, we'll receive our monthly update on decommissioning progress. 

Committee meeting is from 10 - 2pm (we'll be in closed session over lunch). Board meeting starts at 4pm. Both meetings are live streamed if you can't make it down.