May 11 Board Meeting: Agenda

Here are the goods for May 11 board meeting. As always, this is a draft. I'll share the final agenda once it's firmed up. It will be here once available. 

CFO Hire
We'll be discussing Tim Burke's recommended hire for CFO in closed session and then voting on his/her compensation during the board meeting. I'm excited we're moving forward on what is undoubtedly a very critical hire. Here's a recent OWH story about the finalists

Union Negotiations
We'll be getting an update on the status of negotiations in closed session. The current contract expires on May 31, 2017.

Strategic Directive 2: Competitive Rates
As a reminder, the board is asked to vote on whether OPPD is 'sufficiently compliant' with each of its strategic directives on an annual basis. This month we're reviewing SD2: Competitive Rates. 

Board Policy Workshop Session Framework
The board will be spending a full day together on July 24 to review and refine our strategic directives. I've asked several questions the past few months to try and get a better understanding for how the day will be structured and informed, how it will flow, and what will occur afterwards. We'll learn more about the session framework at our May 11 committee meeting. 

If you have any comments or questions about OPPD's strategic directives, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate input and feedback.   

More Topics
Other board action items include:

  • Approving a contract to purchase steel transmission structures for the Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project (≈ $4.4million)
  • Approving a contract for the purchase of two substation autotransformers (≈ $4million)

There are several reporting items (only discussed in committee (10am) meeting, not at the 4pm board meeting) to note. They include:

  • 1Q legal fees and expenses report (≈$318k)
  • 1Q report of retirement plan funds performance
  • Report of claims settlements in excess of $50,000 (there were two)
  • Our standard nuclear oversight committee and decommissioning reports
  • Legislative update
  • Contracts in excess of $500,000 (one to En Point Technologies Sales LLC for a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement)
  • Siting and routing update
  • Nebraska City 2 ash landfill update 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you, both in advance of and following the meeting(s). or 402-681-9458