About CEO Burke's Pay Raise

At our August 17 OPPD Board Meeting, we voted 6-1 to give CEO Tim Burke a 4% pay increase, taking his salary to $523,651, which is 62% of the midpoint for the CEO salary range. See resolution here. I was one of the six yes votes.

Some may see such a high salary and experience a little sticker shock. That’s an understandable reaction. I was originally taken aback. However, his salary is well below what Tim’s peers are making at similar utilities. Furthermore, the majority of our peers have incentive programs that can be very lucrative. OPPD has no such program. In order to retain Mr. Burke, which is something I feel is important for us to do, we need to compensate him appropriately.

Ultimately I think Tim is doing a good job leading the utility. He’s a strong, energetic leader that has led the organization through some pretty difficult decisions in the last year. Is he perfect? Of course not. Do Tim and I disagree on occasion? We certainly do. But, on the whole, I think he’s the right person for the job, and I think his compensation is reasonable and appropriate.