Recycling Campaign Signs

On Wednesday morning, the day after the election, I posted on social media that I would gladly take any yard signs and ensure they make their way to the correct recycling facility. A few hours and several media interviews later, it’s clear there is quite a bit of interest. So, here’s the scoop.

Guidance on What to do with Campaign Signs:

  • Paper and rigid plastic signs: curbside recycling

  • Metal stakes: take to a scrap metal recycler (e.g., Scrap Central)

  • Soft plastic signs: place in an EnergyBag and then put in your curbside bin

If any one of those options doesn’t work for you, feel free to drop them off at my house. Address is 510 S. 57th St. Team Moody will take care of them for you.

Several people have rightly pointed out that it’s best to reuse before recycling. I couldn’t agree more. Here are a couple of examples of what folks have suggested for reuse:

  • Realtors may be interested in the metal stakes

  • Repurpose paper signs and metal stakes for garage sale signs

  • Cut up paper signs and use them for kitty litter

  • Metal stakes could be used as trellises in your garden

Finally, if you were so kind as to host a large sign for a candidate, please contact them to pick it up.