February 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

Committee and Board meetings are this week. Committee meeting is Tuesday, 2/13 at 8:30am and our Board meeting is on Thursday at 4pm. Here are your links to agendas and materials:

Here's the quick run down of what we're discussing and doing:

  • Community Solar. We are learning more about the proposed structure of OPPD's first community solar program, including the rate plans. This will kick off a month of public input. We expect to take action on the proposal at the March board meeting. (Committee meeting only)
  • Strategic Directive Reviews. We are hearing reports on Strategic Directives #1 (Strategic Foundation) and #3 (Access to Credit Markets) and will be voting on whether or not the District is sufficiently compliant with both. (Report and discussion at Committee; vote via consent agenda at Board meeting). Link to policy binder. 
  • Strategic Directive Approvals. We're wrapping up a month of public comment on changes to SD13 (Public Outreach and Engagement) and will be voting during the Board meeting. We've received fewer comments than I have thumbs. 
  • Executive Compensation: Mo Doghman. We'll be discussing Mo's performance and potential wage increase during closed committee meeting and voting on a pay increase at the Board meeting. 
  • Update on 2018 Legislation. We will hear an update on the latest activities in the Unicameral's legislative session.

Please don't hesitate to call or email should you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

Onward and upward.