March 2018 Board Agenda

We're into March already! Our board meetings are full this month. Here are your links to the relevant materials.

A few very big items on the docket. First, we'll be discussing the proposed Community Solar Rate during our Tuesday meeting and then voting on Thursday. I've spent more time on this issue in the last month than any other item we've worked on since I took office in January 2017. Tuesday's conversation will be important. 

We'll also receive updates on plans to transition streetlights to LED. I'm very happy this appears to be on track after several years of stalled negotiations between the City and OPPD.

We're also hearing an update on shut offs. This is a topic that comes up somewhat frequently when I'm talking with customer-owners so I'm anxious to see how the numbers fared in 2017.

The final big-ticket items are several topics concerning our investments, namely the retirement plan annual report, 401(k) and 457 reports, and other post employment benefit trusts. 

Should be a hoot. Hope to see many of you there!

Onward and upward.