May 2018 Board Agenda

I'm celebrating primary election day by attending our OPPD board committee meeting on May 15. We have a few pretty interesting items on the docket. Here are your links to the relevant materials.

Of particular interest is a presentation we'll hear on Tuesday regarding OPPD's Electric Vehicle (EV) strategy, which will consist of, in part, a pilot starting in June 2018. The pilot will include rebates...and I'll leave it at that for now. I'm really excited to learn more and am anxious to see how much interest there is in the marketplace for EVs.  

CEO Tim Burke is due for his performance evaluation and associated consideration of a salary increase. We'll discuss his performance in closed session on Tuesday. Thursday we'll hit the highlights of that discussion and vote on his increase. 

Also in closed session on Tuesday will be 1) an update on our negotiations with a developer to purchase solar energy for our community-solar-like program, and 2) an extended security awareness briefing. Both should be very interesting. 

Other items of some interest include:

  • Revisions to Strategic Directive #1: Strategic Foundation (mission, vision, etc.)
  • An update on how the retirement plan is faring in the marketplace (answer: not as good as 2017)
  • Monitoring report of Strategic Directive #2: Rates

Hope to see you there!

And please don't forget to vote on Tuesday, May 15!!! Click here to find your polling location.

Onward and upward.