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Moody For OPPD Kick Off Party!


Feb 11, 2022



Craig Moody smiling holding a cup of coffee

Kickoff Party
March 10th at 5:30 PM
Regency Lake and Tennis Club

We're kicking off the Moody campaign with a boom! After five successful years on the board, Craig is ready to continue his work moving OPPD towards a future of clean, affordable and reliable energy. Please join us in launching the start of another campaign for Team Moody.



  • OPPD Director Amanda Bogner and Jason Bogner
  • OPPD Director Eric Williams and Kristine Hull
  • OPPD Director Janece Mollhoff
  • OPPD Director Mary Spurgeon
  • OPPD Director Rick Yoder
  • OPPD Director Sara Howard
  • Honorable OPPD Director Anne McGuire
  • Honorable OPPD Director Tim Gay
  • Honorable Congressman John Cavanaugh and Kate Cavanaugh
  • Senator John McCollister
  • Senator Tony Vargas
  • Senator Megan Hunt
  • Senator John Cavanaugh
  • Westside School Board Member Adam Yale and Sarah Bay Yale
  • Westside School Board Member Meagan Van Gelder and John Van Gelder
  • MCC Board Governor Erin Feichtinger
  • Honorable Councilman Ben Gray & Freddie Gray
  • Honorable Mayor Jim Suttle
  • Laura and Michael Alley
  • Tiffany and David Arnold
  • Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen
  • Dana and Josh Bartee
  • Karen and Taylor Borchert
  • Anne and Brandon Duggins
  • Abbie Raikes and Adam Gouttierre
  • Julia and Adrian Hernandez
  • Andrea and Daniel Lawse
  • Shannon and Emiliano Lerda
  • Maggie and Mike McMeekin
  • Tulani and Othello Meadows
  • Denise and Hobson Powell
  • Emily Brush and Stephen Pedersen
  • Annette and Paul Smith
  • Connie and Rick Spellman
  • Ryan Ellis and Jonathan Taylor
  • Dr. Katie Weitz



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